Having an Attitude to Gratitude – Part 1

If I asked you to describe the Quraysh in one word, would “lucky” spring to mind?

Allah gave them the best revelation that ever came down, to educate them: the Quran. Not only did He give them the Quran in their own language, Allah also gave them the greatest teacher that ever lived, the best of mankind, the Prophet Muhammad SAW, a man who was already respected and trusted in their community. 

The Quraysh should have been the most grateful people in the world. Instead, they ignored the Prophet SAW; in fact, they rejected his teaching, beat him and exiled him. They took the threat of Allah’s punishment and mocked it, taunting the Prophet SAW with it. 

However, Allah didn’t destroy them, as He has destroyed nations before them. Instead, He sent down revelation, addressing them by His name “Ar-Rahman”, the unconditionally merciful. 

Surah Ar-Rahman is sent as a wake-up call addressing everyone, in particular those who could not be further from Allah, with zero interest in His teaching. It is a reminder that our need for Allah is more than just requests for good exam results and keeping our family healthy. In fact, every breath we take and every beat of our heart is a clear manifestation of Allah’s loving and caring mercy.

Each second of the day that passes is a sign of Allah’s mercy, and we should be grateful for every single one. Forgetfulness and ingratitude are the manifestation of Shaytaan’s work – Shaytaan has no power over us except he can make us forget Allah.  

Who allows your car to start when you turn the key, or stop when you press the brake pedal? Who allows your muscles to move so you can chew food, inhale and exhale? Who allows our hearts to beat? 

So, you may be thinking – “How is all of this relevant to us in CW?”

Ask yourself: How did you find out about Charity Week? For me, it was through someone who I bumped into in the prayer room on my first day of university. What was the chance of me bumping into them? Allah allowed us to both be in the prayer room in the same 5 minute interval. SubhanAllah – Allah’s plan is the best plan. We don’t even realise every 

So next time we question Allah, ‘where was Allah when I needed Him’ – remember the favours I just listed. The essentials; the favours that Allah gave us not because we asked for them but because we needed them. 

So which of the favors of our Lord would we deny? 

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