Eradicating disease in Pakistan

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Eradicating Hepatitis Programme






Hepatitis is an uncontrolled disease in Pakistan and one of the country’s greatest health concerns; this project targeted communities affected by Hepatitis B & C, seeking to educate them on the disease and improve access to screening services, with the objective of reducing its spread. Despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, screening camps were successfully set up, targeting a population 6,500 of the most vulnerable. Community health groups were also mobilised and trained.


A Community Health Group of fifteen members, all female of different age groups, shared their thoughts. Members were widows and from the Orphan Support Program of Islamic Relief (IR) Pakistan. They each have different sources of income: one member, Naseema Akhter, is a school teacher; others are tailors trained by an IR project. They are able to earn some income to meet their basic needs. Members told us that:

Through IR Pakistan we became group members. When we came to know about this project, we were excited as we had no such facility available before. We weren’t even aware of the spread or causes of this disease before. We thought this disease is same as hepatitis A and E which spreads orally from using contaminated water and food. After we became members of the group and received the capacity building training on Hepatitis B and C, we came to know in detail of this disease, its spread and its treatment, and how can we stop it from spreading to other people.

The majority of people still believe that Hepatitis B and C can be treated by consuming water from certain spring waters (natural water sources from mountains) located in different areas of the nearby mountains. Some still believe that there is no treatment of this disease. The group members are now communicating the knowledge they have learned during these trainings about hepatitis B and C. We are very happy that we will get free screening and treatment of Hepatitis B and C.”

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