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POCAR Extension (Protection Of Children At Risk)






The many disasters that have affected the region of Rawalpindi have displaced many children and left them on the streets of Pakistan. This project is an extension from 2018, aiding many more children by tackling food insecurity, providing vital education, and giving support for psychological traumas. Educational opportunities to learn vocational skills were also provided to their families, to ensure their economic and social stability.


Faisal is an 8 year old child from the Rawalpindi District, which is known to be a hub of street children. At a young age, Faisal would sell street food to earn money for his family. After Islamic Relief’s (IR) POCAR intervention project, he was enrolled into a Non-Formal Basic Education School (NFBES), designed to provide him the opportunity to educate himself to a basic level.

As part of the POCAR project, IR provided vocational training opportunities to the families of these children at risk, in order to support their livelihood. Faisal’s uncle, 22-year-old Ebad, was identified to benefit from an electrician training course. Previously, he had been assisting his elder brothers in a general store. Ebad completed the course successfully, and received the essential tools needed for him to begin working in this profession. He began working maintenance jobs and was able to increase his family’s monthly income.

Ebad and his family have plans to open an electrician shop to upscale his work and increase his income streams in order to better support his family. Ebad says, “I will continue my hard work to polish my skills and to uplift my family’s livelihood. In the future, I will support other families whose children are similarly involved in child labour.”

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