"It changed our lives for the better..." A father's story

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Non-food items support for newly displaced families






Idlib saw a second wave of displaced Syrians arriving in the city in late 2019, adding to the existing 1.5 million already taking refuge there. This project has contributed to providing vital, non-food items to help children survive the harsh winter conditions, including emergency shelters, tents and mattresses for 846 families (4,619 individuals).


Abu Samer, father of 5 tells us his story:

“I was forced to flee from my dear city, Ma’rat al-Numan, where I grew up and married the girl I loved, and where we had five children for whom I vowed with my life to raise and care for. This war displaced my family, my relatives. We went out under the cover of night, artillery shells, and explosive missiles from warplanes pouring down everywhere … we survived … We left with the clothes we were wearing and couldn’t carry any luggage with us. We went with thousands of displaced people to the north of Syria. We did not know what to do. We were just fleeing warplanes and their missiles falling over our heads. We settled near one of the villages, where there were no tents; we slept in ruined buildings.

The village was crowded with displaced people. We stayed under trees for several days, and a humanitarian organization provided blankets and some bedding for us while the tents were secured. Life is very different here, we aren’t familiar with this life. It is very difficult, and completely different to how we lived before the start of this war. We were pleased with what Islamic Relief provided us with (our bedding, blankets, and plastic insulators). They are very important for us in our simple lives. In fact, these things make a big difference, as they change the lives of a displaced family for the better, much better than they are in this camp.”

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