Breaking barriers: Educating children with disabilities in Palestine

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Supporting childrens' education for those with disabilities






Palestinian children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups of children, further aggravated by social exclusion and limited access to supportive services. This project tackled this by improving access to education through conducting an assessment of needs, producing a plan for educational inclusivity, and rehabilitating special education centers.


Mrs. Samah says “ Our school offers services to 140 students with hearing disability, learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities as it is licensed from the Ministry of Education and located in a vital region at Al-Nuseirat camp.
Fire had broken out last March in the school due to the gas explosion 50 meters away from the school which led to the burning of all the classrooms, that made the school unsafe to welcome students.

Islamic Relief stood by our side and supported us. They visited the school again after the accident to evaluate the situation and they immediately started the maintenance works for classrooms and then they brought furniture and stationary”. 

This project is the first step to support the educational services for children with disabilities in Gaza and to take part in developing the quality of reaching people with disabilities’ level in order to develop students with disabilities lives through various activities like:

  1. Conducting an evaluation study for private education in Gaza.  
  2. Preparing a developmental plan for private teaching field. 
  3. Developing some schools and centers at Gaza strip through providing them with furniture and devices that work on developing educational services for students with disabilities.  

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