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Leadership Legacies – Practical Wisdom

In the 9th session of the Leadership Legacies, we discussed Practical Wisdom.  Practical wisdom is about: Foresight and thinking ahead. Using experience to apply it to your situation. Integrating knowledge into your judgment.  Ibn al-Qayim writes: “Wisdom is to act as one should, in the manner that one should, in the time that one should.”(Madārij al-Sālikīn …

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Leadership Legacies – Holistic Justice

In the seventh session of the Leadership Legacies we discussed Holistic Justice. This is comprised of: Fairness – the concept of sticking up for what is correct, regardless of who is around you Ihsan – Excellence and seeking the whole truth (which links heavily with competence) Conflict resolution – knowing what solutions are appropriate when and how to …

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Leadership Legacies – Decisiveness

In the sixth session of the Leadership Legacies we discussed Pragmatic Decisiveness. This is about: Awareness of the wider situation (vs inconsideration) Deliberation over important factors (vs a rash decision) Focussing on the time for action (vs the time for inappropriate discussion) There are many many examples of pragmatic decisiveness in the sunnah. One key example is the …

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