Recruitment FAQs


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The Board of Advisors and the Islamic Relief national or regional manager of your specific region. Members of the International team or previous shura may be required to help review as well.
If the applicant is a relative or friend of an assessor, they are excluded from assessing that application.
Yes. We take your privacy seriously so these applications are only shared with those assessing.
Applications are reviewed from the following angles (in no particular order):
  • Is someone planning to be part of CW in the long term
  • The applicants ability to perform in that role (Hands)
  • The loyalty of the applicant to the vision (Heart)
  • The ability to think a few steps ahead and be proactive (Head)
  • Their availability throughout the year – especially during particularly busy periods
  • Will giving someone a role creating a gap in the team somewhere else
  • How many people are applying for a similar role Would this individual be a good fit with those likely to be in adjacent roles

Not everyone will get their chosen role or any role – and this is understandable given the number of
applicants and limited roles available. This is not necessarily a reflection on you, but that others may
have been more suited for the role from a variety of different angles.

We hope that unsuccessful applicants will take the situation as an opportunity to improve their skills
and contribute to the project (or other campaigns) even if they don’t have an official responsibility. If
you would like unofficial feedback on your application please email info@charityweek.com

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