Regional / State / Provincial Rep


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  • 00 Hours
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  • 00 Seconds
What do I need to do this role?

Experience of taking part and leading a team in Charity Week

Bags of Infectious Enthusiasm to motivate and inspire others around you

Understanding of the ultimate vision of Charity Week

Sufficient time to commit to Charity Week between February – November 2020

What does this role entail?

Leads the Team in working towards achieving the vision of unity

Motivates and Inspires the team by word and action

Represents Charity Week both nationally and regionally

Coordinates with the Islamic Relief/EAA community fundraiser

who Will be my support?

The Central Shura (planning) team consisting of the relevant team leads

Directors and General Secretary team alongside the Regional Reps and General Secretary

The National Team leads across all departments

The Regional Team departmental leads

The Islamic Relief / EAA community fundraisers

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