Charity Week raises a record-breaking $2,384,351

Charity Week has raised a record-breaking $2,384,351.05 in 2022, with 8 countries and over 500 institutions taking part to raise money for orphans and needy children around the world.

Charity Week is a worldwide project in collaboration with Islamic Relief, where volunteers around the world raise money through challenges, bake sales and auctions, amongst other exciting events. All the money raised goes to help countless orphans and needy children across the world.

The vision of Charity Week is to become a vehicle to inspire young people to become active, socially engaged and united upon our shared Islamic and humanitarian values.

This year, the International Finale, an event where volunteers around the world come together to celebrate their achievements, was held for the first time outside of the UK, where the record-breaking total was announced.

Naveed Khan, Charity Week 2022 International Director, said: “I have truly been inspired by our volunteers this year who have put all their differences aside and come together for one cause.

“It is no small feat to organise Charity Week in eight countries, but our team has worked tirelessly throughout the year to bring together communities. This year our volunteers really embraced the theme of sports and held innovative and fun events to raise money for orphans and needy children around the world.

“Their dedication is unparalleled and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this year the best Charity Week so far.”

During Charity Week, universities, schools, companies and individuals took part in various challenges and events to raise money. In the USA, students lined up to ‘pie’ their student committee members, and at NYU this raised $1,000. In New Jersey a peanut was even raised for $1,500, and a teabag in Massachusetts went for $7,000. Charity Week also reached new heights in Florida, where a jar of pickles was auctioned off for $26,000!

Malaysia took part in their first official Charity Week, and held a treasure hunt around the city. Our volunteers in Germany showed how united the team is by auctioning a Malaysia football jersey for €5,416. Qatar also had a wonderful display of unity with their inter-university auction and dinner, and the Charity Week team in South Africa organised a fun-day with face painting, food stalls and much more.

Finally, in the UK, a piece of a prayer room carpet at a university in London was auctioned off for £11,500, after alumni pledged to match any donations made during the auction.

This money will fund a plethora of projects carefully chosen for Charity Week 2022, with a focus on addressing upliftment of Education across the globe in a tailored approach, and also tackling starvation allowing for survival. Projects this year have an emphasis on education, hunger & malnutrition and emergency.

* The CW2022 International Total:
US Dollars: $2,384,351.05
GBP: £1,974,487.04
Canadian Dollars: $3,182,329.20
Euros: €2,289,343.31
South African Rand: Rial8,679,037.99
Qatari Riyal: R40,500,939.40
Malaysian Ringgit: RM10,907,668.26


Email us on info@charityweek.com with any questions or for any further information.

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