Why Hold This Event?

Escape rooms are an up and coming event in CW that have been run by universities in the past and proven to be extremely popular. It’s a unique event out of many quizzes etc. that are available right now and would be engaging for users as well as building hype for CW. The fact that it is multi player and very accessible means there’s more of a competitive factor for groups to play against each other, which would also help with hype.

Team players will experience unity by working together but also it unites different groups together. 

Escape rooms events in the past usually charge a fee to take part which can also be done here. This could be done by donating a fixed fee to the hosting organisation while stating your team name as a comment etc. In the past because of capacity, limited teams could play which limits the amount fundraised, but the accessibility of an online event means an increase in amounts raised if marketed and engaged with as hoped for.

Google Forms – the event would be run on google forms by making different forms with challenges and quizzes for players to solve. You have the option to enter answers that would then unlock the next challenge therefore making up the escape room

Streaming/Meeting Platform – If this is to be a live escape room then the organisers could also hold a conference call to monitor players, make it timed and generally to host the challenge. 

WhatsApp – When playing in teams, it would be advisable for teams to have a team WhatsApp group or a zoom call of their own so that they can communicate throughout the challenge

Fundraising Page

The escape room itself will need to be made via Google Forms, There are examples of escape rooms online such as the Harry Potter one that can be found here.

It would is useful  to play through a virtual escape room such as the one above to get an idea of how it runs and source ideas for your own escape room

Think of a theme for the escape room – you may choose to link it to this year’s theme. This also gives a wide range of topics for you to focus on and build challenges on

A TOP TIP is  not to make the theme overly specific e.g. an Ertugrul themed escape room as this will reduce inclusiveness and limit the engagement of your event, keep it general and open.

4-6 challenges should be enough for a well timed event

The challenges should be different and varied to keep users engaged e.g. code cracking, riddle solving, matching exercises etc.

Make sure the challenges can be solved within a specified time limit

Integrate things like clues to keep it interesting

The escape room needs a story so if it is hosted live this could be narrated by the host during a zoom call or you can weave it into the google form. Keep it creative and themed base

The google form will need to be built well in advance of the event date and tried and tested by the hosting team to ensure that all technical bugs are worked out and improvements can be suggested and implemented

Decide which platform to host the live part of the event, if you wish to have the participant playing whilst the team moderates. Consider the following factors to help make your decision.

  • Number of attendees (certain platforms have limits, or will charge for more attendees)
  • How easy it is for the host / guest to use 
  • Do you want interaction from the attendees, either via speaking or chat box. (dependent on the platform, you can cater for this)

A TOP TIP for timing is choosing a time when most people will have no classes or lectures. Consider prayer times, and avoid if possible. 

A TOP TIP is choosing a day in the middle of  Charity Week. This can be a fun event to give everyone a midweek boost!

Think about branding and ensure the people who are promoting the event know what the event is, as this will be invaluable during its promotion.

Create an eye-catching video or poster that could be shared on your social media and maybe even your Unions social media. It can be useful creating a Facebook event and messaging into facebook and WhatsApp groups.

A TOP TIP is to utilise your institutions mailing list and also encourage key people to spread the word.

There are many ways to sell tickets, from simple online transfers, to using online platforms such as Eventbrite.

A TOP TIP when using Eventbrite is to have your tickets as free on the site and ask contestants to use bank transfer/paypal or donation page  to send the ticket money (to avoid additional processing fees). Another option is also to ask your union if you can use their website to sell tickets too.

A TOP TIP is to send access and preparation details to attendees once they have purchased a ticket via your chosen method. Or you can add them into a facebook or WhatsApp group to receive access details on the day of the event. 

Be sure to have a team to run the event. Roles they can take up are:

  • Operating the platform 
  • Hosting the event 
  • Interacting with the audience 
  • Troubleshooting 

A TOP TIP is to have a trial run on the platform and streaming to familiarise yourself and help the event run smoothly.

Have prizes available to entice participants. A TOP TIP is to talk to local businesses for a gift or meal vouchers or experience vouchers that you can use. 

Start the event with an opening Islamic / motivational reminder 

Share the vision of Charity Week, by playing a short video about Charity Week

Ensure someone is keeping an eye on the chat box to build Interaction with the audience and troubleshoot

Monitor views on Google Forms so you can see the order in which teams complete the escape room

Ensure you’ve completed a trial run before the event

Start the platform early, to solve on the day issues. But also time for people to join

Have the team all ready, early

Ensure you have sent clear joining instructions to all.

Before you end the event, inform everyone of your other events, how they can get involved and even how to donate.

Thank all those that attended, this can be done by sending a message via your social media and sign up lists 

A TOP TIP is to use this moment to remind them of your upcoming events and share your donation link.

The prize needs to be sent to the winning team as soon as possible 

There are always hiccups or lessons that we learn, but do we make sure that the team next year will learn from these?

Use our template evaluation document to keep a record of your thoughts.

Here are some photos for inspiration!

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