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All Day

UK – Scotland 5K Challenge


This years 5K challenge is a virtual challenge like no other. While fundraising an achievable £50 to participate in the 5K, participants will also build life-long memories and friendships with participants from across Scotland! The challenge can be completed by walking, running, cycling or even hiking! As long as your 5K is completed on the …

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Charity night

Das erwartet euch: Vortrag über die Frau des Propheten khadija und am nächsten Tag über islamische MythenKreative sketches über den Alltag der Frau im Islam Buter Abend mit gemeinsamen Essen und Spiele - (Germany/Deutschland)


CW: 2020 Challenge


Take on the Charity Week 2020 Challenge The 2020 Challenge is simple – pick any activity, apply the number 20 to it and get sponsored to do it! It’s free to take part! All you need to do is: Register online (UK) (Worldwide) Share your page by clicking on ‘Share’ so all your friends & family can …

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Online Sales

Selling posters, postcards and bookmarks on instagram - Follow "creating.charity"


Dessert Day

We will be taking online orders of one-of-kind, gourmet cupcake boxes and delivering right to your doorstep! Flavours ranging from pomegranate to Nutella, pumpkin to butter pecan, our mouths are watering already!! If you live in Edmonton, Canada, it is your lucky week ;) (shout out to our baker @sadiyahashmi_ on insta) -(Canada)


Let’s make art!

Deiner Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt! Schicke uns unter stuttgart@muslimischejugend.de dein Kunstwerk und nimm beim einmaligen Charityweek Art Contest teil! Überzeuge uns mit deiner Kunst! Thema: Was verbindest du mit der CW? Einsendeschluss: 28.10.2020 bis 0 Uhr Am 01.11.2020 wird der/die Gewinner/in festgelegt. Das Kunstwerk wird im Anschluss (mit der Einwilligung des Gewinners) versteigert und …

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Donations for Design!

Let's get creative together! Donate what you can (even if it's 5$ or 10$) and in exchange I'll offer design services! It could be a sketch, a painting, designing a t-shirt or posters - throw me your ideas and I'll try my best to bring them to life! DM @hanasheikh.design on Instagram with screenshots of …

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Inter Uni Gaming Tournament

Played in Qatar and between universities. First it will be played among participants in a university. And continued with a final on inter uni day,i.e, 29th October 2020. FIFA - QR25, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - QR10, PUBG - QR10



Event will be played in Qatar and among universities in Qatar. PUBG - QR10, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - QR10, FIFA21 - QR25 At first, it will be played among the participants in a university. And then final will played among universities on 29th October 2020.


Charity Walk: From Baghdad to Mecca

Charity Week Qatar's Charity Walk "From Baghdad to Makkah"! From Wednesday, October 21st to Tuesday, October 27th 2020, participants will compete virtually by joining the competition in the "Pacer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges" phone application on IOS and Android devices. Please download the app and register with the same email you used to fill out …

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Creative Writing Contest

Participants will email their creative writing piece and the top five winners' writing will be presented at a virtual event. -(Canada)


Charity Walk

Participants will register on the Pacer Pedometer app which will count their steps and place them in competition with other participants. They are encouraged to pay a 20QAR registration fee, and to collect pledges from their family and friends for every 1000 steps they take.


CWQU Garage Sale

This event is to upcycle used items like books, clothes, crafts and art works to funds for charity. A form is being distributed with the general public, inclusive of uni students through which they can upload pictures of the items they're willing to donate. The pictures of the donated items will be uploaded to our …

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SFU – Cookie Bake Sale

We are selling freshly baked cookies and doing contactless delivery to homes in the lower mainland! Also, by placing an order, you will be entered into a raffle draw to win 1 out of 3 calligraphy/paintings. Each baked good purchased gets one entry! -(Canada)


Poetry/Story/Inspirational writing Challenge.

The challenge is to write a short composition in whichever style you prefer,with the theme of charity and giving. Top submissions will be shared on our social media platforms. -(Canada)


Photography/Calligraphy/Drawing Challenge.

The challenge is to create a piece of art in the form of photography, calligraphy, a drawing, or even a digital image depicting the theme of the importance of giving. Top submissions will be shared on our social media platforms. -(Canada)



Versteigerung über Whats App für Männer und Frauen. Es werden täglich tolle Produkte versteigert. Ladies only: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KYym6IGyMlqDHYNtOdq8gt Men only: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Lp0UeYWn4Mi0MpYICIsHSY - (Germany/Deutschland)


RU Cupcakes for Charity

Country: CanadaRegion: Gta Order cupcake box. $20/box of cupcakes.Box contains 2 chocolate, 2 red velvet, and 2 vanilla. It will be delivered to your door. Event happening throught the whole week. -(Canada)


Charity Auction

Your own personal art places can be auctioned for this event. The auction will take place on the last day of charity week. -(Qatar)


Photography Competition

This is an Instagram Photography Contest and the event's going to take place in Qatar. Entries will be accepted until the deadline provided. The particants will dm their posts along with a screenshot of proof for the donation made to register for the event.Top 3 entries will be judged seperately and the top 1 wins …

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60 Seconds Challenge

Theme: Top 3 struggles of young people To participate in the challenge: 1. Upload a short video related to the theme on your Instagram feed or IGTV (not longer than 60 seconds) 2. Use hashtag #CWQU60sec 3. Tag and nominate 2 other friends to participate 4. Tag @sanabel_qu so that we can repost on stories …

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Donation cycle

People would be encouraged to donate by tagging each other anonymously and posting screenshots of their donations on social media platforms.Doha, Qatar


Candy Gram

Qatar-WCMQ: students and professors will be able to send kind messages with a bag of treats to whoever they wish through an online platform -(Qatar)


Steps Competition

Qatar WCMQ - students will enter a steps competition in which the students who walk the most throughout the week will win prizes -(Qatar)


Mobile Bake Sale

iv. Mobile Bake Sale (in compounds, parks, dorms etc.) with the help of volunteers Ð products donated and/or purchased from local businesses will be sold.


Food Sale

Food sale in collaboration with Tabiboba Cafe at Qatar where a share of sales proceeds will be donated to Charity Week. -(Qatar)


Charity Run

Der Lauf für Waisenkinder in Kassel, Deutschland/Germany



Germany/Deutschland, Hannover hiking trip to the Brocken


Online Bake Sale

People in the Peterborough (ON, Canada) area will be able to order baked goods online and have them delivered to their doorstep the following week, on Nov 1st! - (Canada)


Flower Selling

Roses would be sold by the volunteers in the student centre and the housing front desk to the residents and staff.


Painting Auction

Paintings would be sold through auction and online platforms to raise charity.


Wie ueberwinde ich meine Habgier in mir

Online Kurzvortrag live von Abdurrahman Reidegeld mit anschliessendem all you can ask zum Thema: Sadaqa und ihre Wirkung auf deine Seele, unsere Gesellschaft, deine Lebensspanne und dein Rizq. Tickets unter: www.evidence-institut.de Instagram: @evidence_institut Germany/Deutschland, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart


Virtual Workshops

Virtual classes will be held for all of the four workshops. People will pay in order to get registered for the event of their interest and then they will join the respective classes they have signed up for.


Arcade Tournament

LJMU/OUC Qatar will be conducting arcade tournament through out the Charity week during the break for students. The students will pay to play the games and the money will be donated to CW.


Food Sale – CW 2020

This event will take place in Qatar, the purchasers should will place their orders in local food outlets (@Shanonsbakery, @allaboutdoughnut.qa, @qtrfoodrepublic, @spiceandsizzle). The delivery will be arranged by the purchasers.


Instagram Competition – CW 2020

These events will take place in Qatar at CNAQ. The events are (Baking/Cooking competition, Quran Recitation Competition (Via Zoom), Writing/Poetry competition, Art competition)


Art Sale – CW 2020

This event will take place in Qatar and will be dealing with art sales at CNAQ


Candy Jar Guesses

People in the Peterborough (ON, Canada) area will be able to go to Trent University to see the candy jar and guess how many pieces of candy are in it. By the end of the week, the two people who had the closest guesses will win prizes. - (Canada)


CW2020 online raffle

We will be hosting an online raffle to raise money for charity week! There are multiple prizes to pick from. Anyone can donate, prizes are only available for delivery in the GTA. Money will be raised via etransfer, more info will be posted on Instagram @GlendonMSA - (Canada)


IRUK: The Big Bungee – London

UK Bungee Club - London 02 Coach Car Park

Dare to Jump 160ft? Take on a charity Bungee Jump! Prepare for a truly unique and exhilarating experience; taking a leap off a 160ft platform! Take on a bungee jump this charity week. Your jump will give you an exhilarating rush, your adrenaline will pump and your heart will pound as you freefall through the …

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Charity Burger

Charity Lunch in a cozy restaurant in Hamburg. Essen für einen guten Zweck in einem gemütlichen Restaurant in Hamburg. Bringt gerne Freunde und Familie mit! Germany/Deutschland


IRUK: The Big Bungee – Manchester

UK Bungee Club - Salford Salford Watersports Centre, Manchester

Dare to Jump 160ft? Take on a charity Bungee Jump! Prepare for a truly unique and exhilarating experience; taking a leap off a 160ft platform! Take on a bungee jump this charity week. Your jump will give you an exhilarating rush, your adrenaline will pump and your heart will pound as you freefall through the …

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Gemeinsames Eislaufen

Die MHG Pforzheim lädt euch zum gemeinsamen Eislaufen ein! An dem Tag können wir in der Eishalle Polarion von Bad Liebenzell unsere Fähigkeiten auf dem Eis zeigen und mit viel Spaß einige Runden auf Schlittschuhen drehen. Mitzubringen sind: eine Maske, der Studierendenausweis, Schlittschuhe (wenn vorhanden) und gute Laune natürlich ☺ Anmeldeschluss ist der 23.10.2020. WICHTIG: …

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Islamic Lectures (English/Arabic)

Islamic Lecture based on Minimalism & Charity in Islam. English lecture by Dr Asad Zaman and Arabic lecture by Shaikh Haytham.


UK – Wales and West Games Night


What better way to start your CW2020 than to join volunteers from across the region for one very exhilarating Games Night. On the 25th October, join us for FREE for a night jam-packed with all your favourite classic games shows. Catchphrase, Family Fortunes, Countdown- you name it, we’ll play it all. Teams from any W&W …

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Q&A with professors

students get the chance to ask professors personalized questions. Professors get to skip questions by donating a penalty fee. Admission fees required for all attendees. We will ask the participating professors for extra credit opportunity for the studentsÕ attendance.Doha, Qatar


Escape room

Two groups are trying to escape a room by getting high scores than each other. This event will happen in Qatar.


Germany: Let’s CW


Assalamu'alaikum! In nur wenigen Wochen ist es bereits soweit. Die Charity Week 2020 steht vor der Tür und wir möchten euch herzlich einladen, diese legendäre Woche gemeinsam in einem virtuellen Zusammenkommen zu begrüßen. Es erwarten euch ein hartnäckiges Quiz, ein bewegender Talk, und Geschwister aus allen Teilen Deutschlands, die zusammenkommen, um eins zu verwirklichen: Unity! …

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Movie Night

Carnegie Mellon Qatar Charity Week team aims to host a movie night for students to raise awareness about the causes this year, as well as encourage donations throughout the event. Students in midterm week can take a break and stress recess by attending this event - (Qatar)


Among us

Among us is a coop game that can be played online with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! This event will be happen in Qatar.


Vente de gourmandises à domicile – boîte sur commande

Commandez votre boîte de gourmandises préparée avec soin !Cette boîte contient : - Un bon morceau de brownie - Deux magnifiques pop cakes - 10 sachets de thés Stash Elle vous sera livrée à domicile dimanche 1er Novembre inch'Allah, tout cela pour 8$ ! pour les commandes : gateau.aemudm.ca insta : https://www.instagram.com/p/CGyBQ-sg5d5/?igshid=2ty6x9oj0qar facebook : https://www.facebook.com/250253471686501/posts/3680872698624544/ …

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