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Plan Your Events

Whether you decide to run, walk or even jump! Whatever activity you decide, make it revolve around the number ’20’ and begin fundraising.

Check out or CW2020 challenge guide for all the steps! 

  1. Give up sugar for 20 days
  2. Cycle 20 different shapes on your strava map
  3. Jog/Run/Cycle 1km a day for 20 days
  4. Take a 20-hour vow of silence
  5. Get 20 people to give £20 for 20 days
  6. Deliver (just to front door) a meal/baking to 20 neighbours
  7. Learn 20 Ayat from Surah Kahf (first 10 and last 10)
  8. Water fast for 20 hours
  9. 20 pushups (or a workout of choice) every morning for 20 days
  10. Drink a 20 ingredient smoothie made of ingredients picked by the people who donate to your page
  11. Live off £20 for 20 days
  12. Execute 20 dares selected by the people who donate to your page
  13. Go on a Social Media blackout for 20 days
  14. Speak only 20 words a day for 20 days
  15. Take on a 20-hour gaming marathon
  16. Take 20,000 steps a day for 20 days
  17. Learn to say “Charity Week” in 20 languages
  18. Read 1 book a day for 20 days
  19. Challenge your household to a 20m egg and spoon race
  20. Complete a 200 piece puzzle a day for 20 days

Whether it’s how to complete a rubiks cube, to henna or even calligraphy! Hold a virtual workshop teaching your friends & family, and raise money in the process. 

Check out or skills event guide for all the steps! 

If you want to take on planning a larger event, from quizzes to tea parties and even an auction.

Check out our range of detailed event plans for physical and virtual events.

Find key guidance on how to approach popular Charity Week activities. Click Here. 

If you’re feeling creative and want to put together an event that isn’t covered so far, check out our resources and ensure your event meets the guidelines!

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