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Why Charity Week?

Charity Week aims to inspire young people to become active, socially engaged and united upon our shared Islamic and humanitarian values.

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” (Quran, 3:103)

We want to show the world that the answer to our problems begins with unity. One of the ways in which we can make that happen, is through Charity – and so if you want to help to begin to change the Ummah, if you want to make an impact across the world, and if you believe in unity, then sign up today!

Deadline: Friday 19th January, 23:59 local time

Charity Week is an Ambassador-led project. The purpose? To put all of our participating  institutions, organisations and individuals at the centre of everything we do. 

99% of applicants will become ambassadors – WHY?

1. Our Ambassadors sell the vision of unity to their friends, family, institutions and communities. And it is time that everyone in the Ummah believed in this vision.

2. Our Ambassadors take all the cool things they learn in CW and use it to level up their communities, institutions, friends and the world around them.

3. Being an ambassador is the most fun and flexible role in CW. You can make it work for your busy (or lazy) lifestyle.

4. Ambassador – it just sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The Structure

There are three levels to the Charity Week team structure.

The regional/state teams are responsible for conveying the vision to every individual, organisation or institution that takes part – the most important role in Charity Week.

The national level teams keep track of all Charity Week participants across the country, ensuring that they have all the resources they need.

The international team ensure that all resources and training is ready and available in time for all teams and participants.

What past team members say?

As a new Islamic Society we were so grateful for this opportunity. Our ambassador supported and inspired us with many different ideas, which was very helpful for our isoc and our Charity Week!
Such a brilliant experience! Being a part of Charity Week, with everyone's support, has really helped me develop my professional skills and do some work that I was really proud of!
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