Tailored Support

Going Virtual Tailored Support

This is the training page for the Going Virtual Tailored Support. a step by step guide for institutions to go online. this training is help provide you with the tools to train an institution on how to work online. during these strange times it can be very confusing. at CW we are here to use our experience to share with our institutions how they can keep going. this training is of 3 parts. 1st look at the slides and familarize yourself with the speaker notes under each slide. 2nd watch the training video which will go through what we want from this support and finally look through the hand outs that you will email out to institutions once you have finished delivering the support. once you are ready to go plese go ahead and book a meeting with an isoc using either GoToMeeting or Zoom. (contact your institutions leads for help making trial accounts)

Training for the sessions

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