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Why Charity Week?

The suffering of innocent children across the world is sadly increasing year by year. 

The generosity of the community also increases year by year, but no matter how much money we raise, we know that we won’t be able to break this vicious cycle with just our money.

One hope we have, is to UNITE. To come together and break down barriers that hold us back from working together by building bridges between individuals, institutions & countries.

This is what Charity Week has been striving toward for the last 18 years, and if this is something you believe and want to be part of, apply now and join us in changing lives across the globe!

Deadline: 11:59PM Local Time, Sunday 14th February

Charity Week is going through a transformation to become an Ambassador-led project. The purpose? To put all of our participating  institutions, organisations and individuals at the centre of everything we do. 

For 2021, Charity Week is switching things up! This year, everyone in the Charity Week team will be first and foremost an Ambassador, responsible for spreading the vision of Charity Week and signing up institutions, community groups, businesses, masajid and even their own families to take part in Charity Week 2021!

Once signed up, each Ambassador will be the person to support that group or individual on their Charity Week journey – from helping in brainstorming ideas to passing on resources or answering any and all queries that they may have. This is where having any experience of being a Charity Week-er at any level will shine through! 

But, for an Ambassador to do their job, they won’t be expected to create all the resources or to magically know all the answers.

This is where the Charity Week structure also has a ‘back office’ that is in place to support every Ambassador with the resources and support that they’ll need to effectively support everyone who takes part in Charity Week 2021.

Every application placed will be considered for the Ambassador role, however if you have the required experience, you are also able to apply for a role within the operational support team.

The Structure

There are three levels to the Charity Week team structure. 

The regional/state level is the team that is, what we like to term as, the “front of shop.” This team is responsible for every individual, organisation or institution that takes part.

The national level is the team that keeps track of all Charity Week participants across the whole country, ensuring that they have all the resources they need.

The international level is what we like to term as “back office.” It is the level that makes sure that all resources and training is ready and available in time for all participants.

What past team members say?

Charity Week is one of the most well structured organisations I have been a part of! As someone who has been a part of many Muslim organisations, I feel confident in saying that.
Such a brilliant experience! Being a part of Charity Week, with everyone's support, has really helped me develop my professional skills and do some work that I was really proud of!
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