A mother's plea: Medical aid for severely malnourished children in Yemen

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Malnutrition Emergency Response Project






Since the outbreak of conflict in Yemen, food remains scarce and the number of people starving continues to increase. Through this project, life-saving food aid and medication was provided to children aged 6 months to 5 years, and for pregnant and lactating mothers. Charity Week funds contributed to a wider project where 143 health facilities were provided with nutrition supplies, 287 healthcare workers were deployed, and community health volunteers were provided with appropriate training. Over 50,000 children were treated through this project.


Laila Mohammed Ghalib is the four year old child of Mohammed Ghalib and Najat Abdu, both aged in their 50s. She is from a family of ten, and one of Yemen’s many children suffering from malnutrition.

Laila’s mother said, “We are really poor and barely have food in our home. We live in a small rented house of three rooms, where we struggle to pay the rent, without adequate furniture and every day is a struggle for us… Due to the conflict, we suffered from everything: lack of money, no job opportunities, a lot of diseases, and fear about tomorrow. My husband is jobless, working for a daily wage if he is able to find work, and we don’t know how long we can survive in this catastrophic situation for. But despite all this, we are still alive and hoping for a better future.”

Due to the circumstances, families depend heavily on aid for food. The typical diet for a family is bread and rice only. Speaking about her daughter, Laila, Najat says: “My daughter is ill and suffered from the first month after birth due to poverty, lack of food and health services. She is now four years old can barely walk three steps without falling down. She is so weak.” Basheer Shamsaldin, a doctor at a health facility receiving supplies from this project, received Laila and examined her situation. “She was suffering from malnutrition… The specialists provided Laila’s mother with nutrition supplements for her, and told her about the care and follow-up check-ups that she would need.”

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