Germany – Assemble

On March 16th, the Germany National Team met in Cologne for their first Assemble of the year, which is followed by regional Assemble events in four different states.

Assemble marks the beginning, the kick-off where the whole team comes together and gets to know with whom they will be working in the upcoming months. This meeting aims to provide the team with inspiration and motivation for the year ahead by delivering talks and participating in workshops. Thus, our main aim was to inspire the National Team, yet Allah SWT had other plans.

Additional to the Charity Week-ers, we also had a guest from Islamic Relief (IR). The sister had heard a lot about CW, but she wasn’t involved up to that point, so she didn’t quite understand what the hype was about. That’s why she planned to leave right after the beginning of the Assemble, since she only attended to help our IR Coordinator, who was also there.

At the end of Assemble I asked her what her impression was and noticed that instead of leaving she was still standing in front of me. She raved about the CW team and told me that she now truly comprehended our vision of unity. She pointed out that our plan of action to push the vision forward is quite different from other IR projects in Germany.

While the sister was very sceptical at the beginning of the Assemble and wanted to leave first, she was the last to go, with the intention of taking part as an IR institution this year.

Trying to inspire and yet be the one inspired by others – that’s Charity Week!

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