Cake Week or Charity Week?

Is it even Charity Week, if there’s no cake? Given the hundreds of sweet treats come October, you could be forgiven for thinking it was Cake Week. But in the UK, it’s not just our CW events that revolve around delicious baked goods – our meetings aren’t safe either!

At our National F2F, we searched for Britain’s answer to Mary Berry by holding ‘The Great Regional Bake Off’. Six regions battled in the competition for best bake but only one could be crowned Bake Off champion. With competition stiffer than meringue mix, the tension at lunch was palpable. But sticking true to their name, #TheGreatNorth wowed with a 4-layer cake masterpiece, adding baking to their bag of tricks and won the competition!

However with six scrumptious cakes for dessert, I think it’s safe to to say the whole national team were winners that day.

-Aminah Abdelhamid, UK Gen Sec

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