CW Masterclass

On the 21st of July 2019, the Charity Week London and South regional teams came together to deliver their new and improved Charity Week Masterclass at UCL in London.

The purpose of the day was to bring together the Charity Week reps from the surrounding institutions taking part and kickstart the beginning of their CW planning journey. The regional teams held a series of workshops and breakout sessions with the aim of equipping institutional reps with the information and skills needed to pull of a successful charity week.

Heres what one of the institution reps that attended had to say about the session!

“Alhamdulillah, Charity Week Masterclass felt like the most blessed fulfilling training days I have ever had. It was incredibly well worked and organised on the day, in particular focussed on the two crucial factors to ensure Charity Week runs successfully and for the initiative to be blessed immensely throughout; intentions and vision holding the foundation & key to carry Charity Week. The day was thoroughly engaging, insightful and thorough, yet enjoyable on the day going through the key logistics of Charity Week including Institutional Support, Events, Finance and Marketing. With this masterclass, it has enriched me spiritually & mentally and enhanced my personal development to the next level. You could say it has transformed me to become a walking, talking, eating & breathing Charity Week from that day onwards 24/7. Strongly recommend to those who are offered such a programme to attend, it was memorable and left me with more smiles on face & peace in heart.”

Syed Hoque, School of Pharmacy, UCL

If you’re an institution rep, be sure to contact your local CW team for personalised extra support & guidance! Or email info@charityweek.com

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