Leadership Legacies – Integrity #1

Last week the Tarbiyyah Team hosted the first session in our Leadership Legacies series that we will run fortnightly throughout the year. The series is focussed on how we can emulate the qualities of the Prophet SAW had that made him the leader he was, whose legacy has spanned over a thousand years and has a following of over 1 billion today. For the first session we focussed on Integrity. 

We reflected on parts of seerah and examples from figures in Islamic history to help us understand what it means to have integrity and how we can develop a greater sense of it. 

One example referred to how the Prophet Muhammad SAW, before Prophethood, was an established merchant by the time he reached his twenties. He was given the names ‘Al Amin’ and ‘As Sadiq’, the truthful and the trustworthy, by those around him. The Quraysh trusted him implicitly with money and business transactions, and ultimately it was from hearing about his character that led to Khadija RA proposing to him. This was part of Allah’s plan – it was important that people knew of Muhammad SAW and his character before he was a prophet, so that when he came to them with his message, they would accept it. 

We take from this that it is important to establish and develop our character before we establish our title; that people should know of our good character before they know our role. 

It was so uplifting to see people from teams across the world come to listen and engage with us. Alhamdulillah we have been given the opportunity to put this programme together and unite for the sake of remembering Allah. Insha’Allah this project continues to grow and bring benefit to us all.

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