Mastering Team Work

We often find ourselves with many tasks to complete, with looming deadlines before Ramadan. But it’s really no secret, the easiest way too master our tasks is team work!

This is something that can be learnt from Musa (AS) and his brother Harun (AS). There is the famous dua, that many of you may know, stated in Surah Taha from verse 25:

Following on from verse 28, what does Musa (AS) ask? For context, this dua is being made after he has been told he is a Prophet and that he now must go to the Pharaoh

He says:

29. “And appoint for me an assistant from my family,”
30. “Harun, my brother;”
31. “Strengthen my back by him,”
32. “And associate him (with me) in my affair.”
(Surah Taha)


Musa (AS) here is asking for help to complete his task and from this we learn that it is not weakness on his behalf, but in fact, it is him identifying what he can and can’t do and then asking for help to strengthen that!

In Surah Qasas, it explains that Musa (AS) said:

“And my brother Harun is more fluent than me in tongue, so send him with me as support, verifying me. Indeed, I fear that they will deny me.”


We find ourselves in Charity Week surrounded by talented individuals each with their own skills, alhamdulillah. Our tasks can be made into light work if we work together complementing what each of us is able to do.

To make this truly work, we must also put aside any barriers to us working together.

As Harun (AS) is named in the Qur’an, Musa (AS) is in tandem too, showing the relationship they had and how closely they worked together. With this being said, there are reports that Harun (AS) is in fact older than Musa (AS).

For some this may seem a barrier (listening to someone younger), however, this goes to show how Harun (AS) had this understanding that his brother had certain things that he did well, and vice versa, and did not let anything get in the way. After all, they are working towards the same goal, the same objective.

Likewise, regardless of what position we hold on a team – be it leading the team or being a necessary part of the team, we must remember that we are all working towards the same goal, Insha’Allah working as a united team!

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