9 Things You Didn’t Know About Charity Week

As an organisation that began with a few students in London in 2003, Charity Week has spread and grown over the last 16 years. Each year, we move one step close to uniting more Muslim students upon their Islamic values and in the service of humanity.

Here are 9 facts that may just inspire you about what has become the largest Muslim youth project in the West.

£8.1 Million – the amount raised since we first began.

450 – the number of volunteers making up regional and national teams across the world in 2019. These guys get the ajar for every penny collected throughout the world insha’Allah!

207 – the number of official WhatsApp groups in use to plan Charity Week 2019 (Although no one person is in all of these, that would be madness!)

70 – the number of projects that we have funded so far! With YOUR help, we can unite more people, move forward and fund so many more

26 – the number of countries that Charity Week has funded projects in across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe

YOU – the person who gets to decide where the money YOU raised is spent. That’s right, everyone who takes part in Charity Week at any level gets a say in where millions is spent!

£2 – the amount raised every SECOND during Charity Week 2018! By the time you reach this part of the article, we would have raised almost £60 for orphans and needy children across the world

250+ – the number of institutions taking part across the world- with scouts groups and communities helping too!

300 – the average number of days a Charity Week team takes to prepare for one week of fun, fundraising and (most importantly of all) unity. There are very few projects that are planned this far in advance every year.

This is the result of hundreds of volunteers across the world working together for the better part of a year. Long nights in front of the laptop, typing up minutes from regular skype meetings, checking up on institutions via whatsapp messages and emails- this constant communication and dedication pays off once Charity Week comes into action.

Just imagine, people from Toronto to Doha to Cape Town are wearing the same T-shirt, using the same buckets, raising money for the same cause at the same time.

We are united just in our efforts and sense of purpose, but in our belief that uniting the Muslim youth upon Islam can unlock a better world for the Ummah and the world than we have at present.

If you too want to make a change, to play your part, to encourage activism in a world that is filled with misunderstandings about who the Muslim youth are, what we stand for and what we believe in – then email us at info@charityweek.com. It may just be the most important email you ever send in your life.

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