Qatar – A Potluck Iftar

He who breaks another’s fast earns the same reward as the one who fasted, without diminishing the latter’s reward in the slightest.’ (Hadith Tirmidhi)

This past week, the CW Qatar team came together to break fast, potluck style!

The 42+ attendees included members of the Qatar national team as well as representatives from different participating universities. The ambiance was full of excitement and chatter as were the tables which were filled with array of mouthwatering dishes ranging from fatayers, biryani (of two kinds!), Moroccan tajine, shahi tukre and so much more.

This was a day to not just share food but also to foster a shared sense of community and sense of belonging – which is one of the many objectives of Charity week.

The fun did not stop there. The events team also gave out goodie bags with dua cards, treats and memes/Ramadan puns that caused sa-lat of giggles. There was also a board game station in place, were Asma Ul Hosna, International GenSec, conquered the carrom board like it was nobody’s business. 

Insha’Allah, the outcome of breaking our fast together instills the spirit of Ramadan, raised team spirits and youth empowerment for serving the wider community! A sincere Jazak’Allah to the team members who thought of the idea and organised it all!

However, it’s not only been in Qatar, where teams have bonded over iftar, Quebec & South Africa also held theirs. We’ll hopefully be sharing their stories in future weeks!

Picture credit: Rizwan Razak

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