How to Achieve Excellence? Part 2

In the second part of our ‘Achieving Excellence’ series, we will be talking about Idhkaan. If you haven’t read part one, click here.

The Prophet peace be upon him (PBUH) said: “Allah loves when any of you undertakes a task, that they do it right (with due diligence) .”


Idhkaan is very close to Ihsaan (Striving for excellence), where the two work in synergy but are distinctly different. Idhkaan refers to having a higher work ethic, displaying due diligence.

Look at our Islamic history: the amazing architecture, calligraphy and advancements are all dependent on having a great attention to detail. In order to achieve this, there must have been a great deal of due diligence and a distinguishable higher work ethic.

Too often, sloppy voluntary work is excused in the name of a good cause. Some good is still coming from it, some money is still being raised, so why care that it isn’t the best work?

In fact, this is the total opposite of what is loved by Allah, this quality of Idhkaan.

The work we do in Charity Week is voluntary. There isn’t a pay cheque at the end of each month, there isn’t a boss to penalise you. However, this Islamic work is greater than having a boss; it is greater than the money. Our reward is with Allah.

Having a superior motivation should allow us to have this superior work ethic and have more attention to detail in this work than in any other work that we do.

The work we do in Charity Week should be one of excellence, as Allah has prescribed. Insha’Allah we can work to achieving this by having this superior work ethic and due diligence alongside our deliberation.

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