A Boy Inspired By CW

During Ramadan, we received this adorable message from a 9 year old volunteer called Omer. He was inspired to do something amazing by someone close to him who participates in Charity Week: 

Dear Islamic Relief,

My name is Omer. I am 9 years old and live in Hampton, London.
I am doing a project for children in Yemen.

How I came to this idea was that my Aupair is active in charities, especially the Charity Week. Her work inspired me to help others around the world as well. I found out in my research that Yemen has the biggest famine for 100 years and I am feeling really sorry for them.

I drew a picture and made an Eid card out of it. By selling these Eid cards on social media, mosques and in shops I am raising money for children in Yemen. Initially my aim was to raise £ 1000, but because the initial stage was successful and went over my goal I now aim to raise £4000.

This project ends on the first day of Eid. I have researched and found out that Islamic Relief is the most truthful, successful and biggest Islamic charity and I took the decision to send the raised money with you to Yemen. I hope that you like my idea and help me that this money reaches the children in Yemen.

Rather than sending the money online I would prefer to come in person and hand over the cheque.

I am attaching to this email the video which I made, pictures and the link for my PayPal pool to raise money.

By the end of his campaign, Omer raised over £5000 for charity. Last week he met the Islamic Relief UK Director and gave the team a cheque for £5315!

This highlights the power of Charity Week. Never underestimate the ability we have to impact the people around us. Look at the khair that is spread subhan’Allah – this is everyone’s sadaqah jariyah in action, in front of our very eyes.

If you start to lose motivation, remember Omer’s story. You never know which member of the next generation you could inspire, knowingly or unknowingly – this could bring you rewards for many years to come inshaAllah!

We pray that Allah allows us to be great role models for the people around us and to remain sincere in our actions. May Allah give us the tawfiq to continue to spread the message of unity for His sake!

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