Building A Legacy

As living beings, the inevitable truth is that all of us have very limited time on earth – Every soul will taste death….

Surah Imran: 185

Our time here is short. Today we are working hard to live a comfortable life and provide for those who depend on us, but what about tomorrow?

One day, we will have to leave behind all the worldly possessions we gathered and all the people we love and care about. Sometimes our biggest fear is, what will happen to those we care for after our time has ended? Everything will be lost except perhaps some memories, and in time those too will fade. Have you ever wondered about how fascinating and yet alarming it is – today we are here in flesh and bones, doing our best to be efficient and doing our small bits of goodness but tomorrow there can be no trace of us. Give it a few decades and no one might even know we existed, let alone remember our name, except for the legacy we  leave behind.

Goods are perishable, money is finite, and your progeny will also have limited time. Then what is it that you can leave behind for others to remember you by? A Vision. It is what has driven you to come so far in life; an unforeseeable future which has potential.

A good vision is one which is long term, something which is greater than ourselves, impossible at sight and yet attainable, and as Muslims we should align it with the principles of Islam, and the teachings of the Prophet SAW. 

Islam is a legacy. It is the legacy which our Prophet SAW left behind. The world’s largest growing religion would not be what it is today if it was just the effort of one person. Islam would not have grown and spread wide across the world if the people who believed in its message did not have the dedication to work together. The learnings of Islam do not stop at the Prophet SAW himself, but rather we learn from the lives of the former Prophets, Sahabas and also from individuals who contributed to this religion directly and indirectly.

Hence, you need to be the Ambassador to the vision in which you believe. Call each other towards what is right and keep reminding yourself why you believe in it. Learn from the best and surround yourself with inspiring visionaries. Learn from the life of the Prophet SAW: how he surrounded himself with his companions and the people of the faith, constantly learning from each other and guiding each other to what is right. It is important to remember that creating a legacy is just not a one-man task. You need to have members of the community to believe in this greater good and work together to carry it forward.

By time, indeed man is in loss, except those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and enjoin one another to [follow] the truth, and enjoin one another to patience

Surah Asr: 103

Surah Asr, the shortest Surah in the Quran, gives a very powerful message. It emphasises the importance of calling one another towards goodness and working together as an Ummah to grow and succeed as a nation of believers.

And you know what? We are already part of a legacy.

Our legacy is Charity Week: a fully functioning volunteer-led organisation where every member believes in the vision of Unity. Each one of us wants to do our best to unite the Muslims for goodness towards our brothers and sisters around the world. We need to remain steadfast on this vision and purify our niyyah by seeking guidance from Allah. 

May Allah purify our intentions as we work together and plan Charity Week. May He allow us to plant seeds of good in our work that will earn us Sadaqah Jariah and be fruitful for many years to come.

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