Scotland Schools Assemble

On the 24th August 2019, the Charity Week Scotland regional team came together to deliver their new and improved Schools Assemble at the Islamic Relief Scotland Hub based in Glasgow.

The purpose of the day was to bring together school pupils across Scotland and spread the vision of Charity Week. We were also able to discuss what we do as an organisation and how the pupils could take Charity Week back to their school.

The regional teams held a series of workshops and breakout sessions with the aim of equipping the pupils with the information and skills needed to pull off a successful charity week.

Heres what one of the school pupils had had to say about the session!

“Alhamdulillah, Charity Week Schools Assemble was such an informative session. I enjoyed how the Charity Week team made the day interactive by having workshops and ice breakers. Me and my friends came together, and we can say with confidence that we have learnt valuable information and skills that will allow us to InShaAllah have successful Charity Week.”

Asim Mahmood, Woodfarm High School

Article written by, Humza Akbar -Charity Week Scotland Schools Team

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