South Africa Assemble 2019

2019 brought a lot of growth for Charity Week in South Africa. This year our National team hosted an Assemble in both Cape Town and Joburg . It was our first time hosting an Assemble in Joburg for our institutions. The turn out for both Assemble events were amazing mashAllah.

This year we have a wide variety of institutions on board, from schools to MSA’s and sports clubs to youth groups. Assemble in both cities provided a space for institutions to meet with the national team and each other and brought to light that we we’re all able to come together from different communities to unite for a single purpose. 

Throughout the day our national team delivered talks explaining more about CW and what it is we aim to do. Workshops were also conducted which created a platform for conversation on how better to support our institutions. 

Here are what some of the attendees had to say:

The way everything was pitched was extremely professional and I was made as if I’m really part of something that will benefit humanity. The enthusiasm from the committee was really nice and most importantly, the way everything was inculcated with the theme was amazing as well.

 Abdul-Ghakeem, Institution rep 

The highlight for me was the closing talks. Although we were all tired from a long day, I felt an energy like everyone was inspired and left with a clearer vision of what charity week is all about. – Institution rep 
Assemble was not what I had expected but the experience made meproud to be a part of something this amazing Alhamdulillah.

 – Institution rep 

Our Charity Week in South Africa begins on the 30th September. This is earlier than the other countries, but it is due to our academic calendar being different. Our end of year exams are just a matter of weeks away! (Make dua for our exams!)

Keep an eye out on the Charity Week social media pages for whats going on, and share some support & love with our Institutions Insha’Allah.

-Rushda Booley, South Africa National Director

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