Qatar Assemble 2019

The Qatar national team held their Assemble for the Institutions partaking in CW2019. Sherif, one of our international institutional support team members based in Qatar, went along to the Assemble and has some thoughts to share. Read on, for a thought provoking insight!

“The days leading up to Assemble were one of the most exciting days of the year for me. The whole time I was thinking of what I can do and say to make this one of the best Assemble events in Qatar.

Anyways, the day came. I woke up early and prepared myself. I got my computer as promised. I then went inside to strap on my…shield.

The shield that was gifted to me by members of Charity Week. In their honor, I knew I needed to take it to every CW event starting with Assemble.

After getting the shield, I knew I was ready. I was ready to help assemble the heroes of the ummah. As the day went by, the excitement in the room grew. Unity became stronger. It was the biggest turn out Charity Week had ever experienced in Qatar. However, I felt it was my duty to do one last push before the day ended. Therefore, I went up and tried to be inspiring. I will briefly share about what I said at Assemble.

I reminded the team and myself that us being here means that we are given the chance to unite the Ummah. We are given the chance to unite our powers, assemble all the heroes, and unite the Ummah. Other than it being our duty as Muslims to stay united as an Ummah, over the years we have failed to do so. Our failure has resulted in the loss of many people in the Ummah. For some of us those were either family and/or friends. So we are not only uniting the ummah because it is our duty. We are uniting it for the people we have lost due to our disunity.

So this is our chance. A chance of a lifetime to prevent what has happened from happening again. We must prevent children within the Muslim world working day and night to provide for their families instead of going to school. We must save the men, women, and children who die of hunger, thirst, and lack of shelter. We must do it. If we are united, we will do it.

So this is the plan. We are 6 countries, more than 250 institutions worldwide, and one mission…unity. We will make mistakes all the way…we are not perfect. However, as I said, if we are united we will achieve our mission. We must unite the Ummah…whatever it takes.

Therefore, I say to you all now…..SUPERHEROES…..Assemble! That Assemble was the best I have had for at least two years. In the end, I advise that for those of you who have Assemble events left, for the speakers, speak from your heart. Make the audience understand why they are here and make them feel your passion. Make your passion contagious. For the organisers, make sure that everything is ready leading up to that day so that you can mingle and create a bond with your teammates.

Finally, and most importantly, unite the Ummah and have fun.”

-Sherif El Gindi, International Institutional Support Team

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