The joy in watching Charity Week grow in Canada

The last two weeks saw Assemble events in Toronto and Quebec. Fatah, the Canada National Director shares some reflections.

Read on to find out more and check out the images from the both Assemble events.

Salaam From the Montreal & Quebec Team!

Last weekend at the Toronto Assemble, we had the most amount of long distance travellers we’ve ever had, with 9 reps from University of Ottawa!

This weekend I attended the Quebec Assemble: it was such a beautiful experience and joy!! Well worth the 5.5hr drive, and I would do it again!

You know that feeling when you’re proud of the growth of a child/young person…it was like that throughout. 2 years ago we needed a large Toronto contingency to organize Quebec’s Assemble. This time around the team did everything pretty much on their own. The young speakers/facilitators had so much enthusiasm and passion. I don’t know if this is a Montreal thing but there was no shortage of comedic relief mA. I had a lot of fun!

The attendees/reps had great questions and the intimate nature of the space made for productive conversations and collaboration among schools (CEGEPS wanted a joint event mA).

From an international perspective, a cool moment was having an international student from Austria ask why Germany was participating in Charity Week but not Austria?
The sister really wanted to start Charity Week in Austria, She spoke about how the Muslims have the bare minimum, Eid salahs, Ramadan iftar, space for Salah, but wanted a reason for the Muslims to connect and work together.
She spoke about how the Turks are close with one another, and the Syrians, and all of the cliques. But she really wanted these groups to come together. To rally around their joint and common identity as muslims!

The Quebec team put together an amazing Assemble with very little turn around and on a holiday weekend. 2 years ago Br. Haris came to Toronto’s Assemble and wanted to start a team in Quebec. Two years later they have their own team and are making incredible strides masha’Allah!

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