Sincere Supplication – Part 2

Following on from part 1, we will now look at how Allah answers our dua. However, this can be a secondary gift compared to the fact that just by asking, you have created a direct connection with your Lord and remember, you have a Lord that loves to hear your voice.

This is why Umar (ra) said that “when I make dua, I don’t really care about the response I get, rather the only thing I concern myself with, is the ability to make that supplication because if Allah has allowed me to make that dua, then I know i’m in a good position with Allah, that I am in a close relationship with Him.”

So the ability to call upon Allah knowing that He loves to hear my voice despite how sinful I am, despite how distant I am from Him is truly the biggest gift that Allah has blessed us with.

And there is a beautiful saying by one of the Tabi’ee who said that, “Anytime Allah unshackles your tongue to allow it to ask Him, anytime Allah allows you to request something, know that Allah wants to give you something because Allah wouldn’t have allowed you to make that dua unless He wanted to answer that dua.”

So it is crucial that we have that positive hope in Allah’s response to us in our dua, to have that Husn-adh-Dhan that Allah will answer my dua as He is actually shy to turn away the hands of a servant that asks from Him.

However, we may often get flustered about how and when our duas will be answered. We concern ourselves with the logistics of it but we have to remember that as long as you have made an effort, you have ‘tied your camel’ and make dua, you have done your part, the how and when it will happen is up to Allah. He will answer you dua in a way in which is best for you.

He answers your call in a way that is in your best interests, in a way that is beneficial to both your dunya and akhira.

The ayah in surah Baqarah v186 ends in, “So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.”

Meaning that if you want your duas to be accepted, we have to do our best in being obedient to our lord, and in doing so, not only are getting a response from Allah, He will guide us in our lives, in our actions and more importantly guide us so that we secure a good ending for Jannah.

So the question is, if I am guaranteed a response from Allah. Why am I not making dua for my biggest dreams, why do we restrict our dua to the things that are possible. Have we ever made a dua that seemed almost impossible to us?

Allah owns the treasures of the heavens and the earth and yet we restrict what we ask of Him, the King of all Kings, the Provider for the most wealthiest, the guider. Who can help us, give us more than the lord of the worlds?

Is it because we fear our dua wont be answered because some of our dua hasn’t been answered yet?

Allah guarantees an answer for the believer in 3 ways:

-Answered immediately – the thing you have asked for is befitting for you at this particular moment and almost always, these duas are answered straight away

-Answered later – the thing you have asked for is befitting for you but not at this particular moment, perhaps later when you are able to handle it, when you actually need it, when Allah believes it is the right time

-Answered with something better – you have made dua for something that is not befitting for you, perhaps it will harm you and leave you in a worse situation than you’re in already. So Allah answers with something better and you will look back and know that what Allah had planned was exactly what was best for you.

This my brothers and sisters is the mercy that is shown by our loving lord. Who loves you more than your parents, more than yourself. So let us remember to call out to him at every moment in our lives. Every step we take, we remember Him and thank Him for all the favours He has given to us. In doing so, not only do our hearts find rest, tranquillity and peace, but we are guaranteed an answer from our most beneficent lord – Allah.

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